Another cracking Scottish Summer is in full swing and long may it last as sunshine often leads to BBQs – and who doesn’t like a BBQ?
I’ll tell you who… the last minute Larry’s who rush in to the supermarket at 5pm on a sunny day to empty shelves and not a burger in sight! Don’t be a Larry.
Plan ahead, check the weather and stock up – even better, fill the freezer and be BBQ ready all summer long!

Our range of BBQ burgers and jumbo dogs are available now – for a limited time only. (Scotland only)

Premium Steak Burger (Gluten Free) (2 pack) – Tesco. Sainsbury’s & Asda
Premium Steak Burger (Gluten Free) (4 pack) – Tesco
Bourbon BBQ Burger (Gluten Free) (2 pack) – Tesco, Sainsbury’s & Asda
Smoked Cheese & Onion Burger (Gluten Free) (2 pack) – Sainsbury’s & Asda
Bourbon Jumbo Dogs (4 pack) – Tesco