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Wind Turbine Planning Consent March 24

By Clair Howison

Simon Howie and his fellow directors at the business are relieved and delighted with the decision taken by the planning committee of Perth and Kinross Council (PKC) to approve our... Read more

Richard and Ben are a cut above!!

By Clair Howison

After their victory last year at the Scottish Craft Butchers, Butcher Wars competition, this father and son duo proved themselves as two of the best butchers in the country. Fast... Read more

How to eat Chocolate Haggis

By Clair Howison

CHOCOLATE HAGGIS. It's a lot to get your head around. NO, it's not chocolate-flavoured meat. YES, it's absolutely delicious. Chocolate haggis is a dark chocolate and white choc chip brownie... Read more

Homage to Iconic Cadbury Advert

By Clair Howison

Definition of Homage: Special honour or respect shown publicly. When you think chocolate you think Cadbury. They are the daddy. So for our first dabble into the world of chocolate... Read more

Investing in our future

By Clair Howison

Why have we made changes? In recent years we have seen energy prices skyrocket, inflation hit record levels and the whole country impacted by the cost of living crisis. As... Read more

A competition to mac you smile!

By Clair Howison

Don’t call us weirdoughs but we love macaroni cheese and pizza so much we decided to celebrate the long-awaited return of pizza oven weather with a mac & cheese topped... Read more

Award Winning Butchers!

By Clair Howison

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to father and son dream team Richard and Ben from our Perth Shop who won the PAIRS competition at the Butcher Wars yesterday (part of the Scottish Craft... Read more

An Offal lot of Burns Appear

By Clair Howison

PRESS RELEASE: 24th January 2023 An Offal lot of Burns Appear  Some hae meat and canna eat, and some even change their name to hae it. As the most patriotic... Read more

Great Taste Awards 2020

Five Wins at Great Taste Awards 2020!

By Imogen Sherrit

This week saw results announced for the most hotly anticipated award ceremony of the year... and no, we don't mean the Emmys! The Great Taste Award winners for 2020 have... Read more