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T-Bone Steak 16oz

so cool!

With a Sirloin and fillet steak on either side of the 'T shaped bone', you have the best of both worlds

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T-bone steaks are a lot like Porterhouse steaks, only they are cut slightly forward on the short loin and thus have less, or possibly none, of the tenderloin muscle attached. Conversely, because they come further away from the rump, the rib-eye muscle in the T-bone is slightly more tender than in a Porterhouse.

whopping 16oz

Before cooking bring the steak up to room temperature for up to an hour. Season well and fry, grill or BBQ to suit your taste.

To pan fry: Heat the oil in a heavy-bottomed frying pan or cast-iron skillet to a high heat. The oil should almost be at smoking point in order to get a delicious brown crust to contrast with the juicy pink interior.

Pan-fry the steak until it develops a golden-brown crust, flipping frequently for about 4 minutes. Lower the heat to medium; add butter and continue cooking, flipping the steak occasionally, about 8 minutes for medium-rare (120F to 125F on a meat thermometer) and 10 minutes for medium (130F). Baste the steak as it cooks by tilting the pan toward you and ladling the butter over it using a spoon.

Take the steak out of the pan and set it on a plate. Drizzle the pan juices over the steak, and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes before carving or serving.

Ensure the product is cooked thoroughly before serving. As all appliances may vary, these are guidelines only.