A perfectly roasted turkey is the holy grail of Christmas dinner cooking! So, we want to share 7 top tips for achieving an extra-juicy bird this festive season. 

Fresh is BEST

Opt for buying a fresh turkey instead of a frozen one. Science says that ice crystals form when frozen which can cause damage to the turkey’s muscle cells. When the bird thaws and roasts, fluids leak more readily from the damaged cells, drying out the meat. So fresh is best for a juicier bird!

No Brine is a CRIME

Science says that a turkey soaked in a salt-water solution overnight absorbs both the salt and the water. This makes the bird moister to begin with and seasons it on the inside. So don’t forget to brine your bird in advance! Why not add spices and flavourings to the brine for extra-Yuletide flair?

Butter Me Up

Rub a generous amount of butter under the Turkeys skin! As it melts, it bastes the bird and adds a moreish buttery flavour and some well-needed moisture.  Add a nice mix of herbs and spices to your butter mix. Get Christmas-creative!

In Turkey We Truss

Trussing or tying the legs tightly against the sides of the turkey makes it take longer to roast. This puts the breast meat in danger of overcooking while the legs take their time. So truss lightly and loosely, or not at all for an evenly roasted bird.

Upside down You Turkey Me

Where possible, turn your turkey upside and cook for a super juicy finish.  Simply place the bird breast side down on a v-rack for the first hour of cooking.  This allows the bird to baste itself in all its lovely fats and juices.  Flip right-side-up for the remaining time!  And, don’t worry about grill marks as these will disappear as you finish roasting it.

Be Cook Time Conscious

It may seem like stating the obvious but be vigilant about timings and be sure to have your trusty thermometer, as well as Prosecco close to hand!  Use either an instant-read or probe-style thermometer to monitor the temperature in the thickest part of the thigh. You’re aiming for 170°F!

Give it a Rest

It’s so important to give your turkey a good old rest before carving it up! The blazing heat of the oven forces the juices into the centre of the bird.  So, after roasting, let the turkey rest for roughly 20 minutes! The juices will redistribute, and you’ll get a moister slice.

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