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Steak mince – Special offer (3 x 454g packs)

3 for 2 bundle

Steak mince 3 for 2 offer


Very lean and versatile, steak mince is the primary ingredient in many classic dishes such as bolognese, cottage pie or our beloved mince and tatties.

This bundle contains 3 x 454g packs of steak mince.

Heat oil in a large frying pan to medium high heat. Place the mince in the centre of the hot skillet. Use a stiff, heat-resistant spatula to break the meat into large chunks. If your pan is not large enough for the full amount, you can cook the mince in batches. Add more oil and reheat the pan as needed before each separate batch. Break the mince further. As the mince browns, continue breaking it apart. Keep stirring to ensure the mince is cooked evenly throughout. Cooking the mince on a moderately high heat setting should encourage any liquid to evaporate, but if a large puddle of liquid starts to develop, carefully tilt the pan to drain it. Allowing the mince to cook in its juices won’t make it unsafe, but it may make the meat taste boiled instead of sauteed. Season as desired to add flavour. When the mince is evenly brown throughout it is cooked through and ready for whatever recipe you wish to make with it.