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Fillet Steak Pieces (250g Pack)

£6.15 per kg

Quick fry, tender fillet medallions


End cuts or fillet tails. The perfect choice for beautifully tender chunks of fillet steak to be used in stirfrys or pan fried.

To pan fry: Preheat the pan to moderately hot. The meat needs to sizzle when you add it to the pan. Keep the heat moderately high; this should be enough to keep the meat sizzling without burning.

Cook one side until the first sign of moisture appears on the upper side, turn and cook other side. Turn once only for rare and medium. For well done turn a second time once moisture re-appears and reduce temperature until cooked. Rare is soft when pressed, medium is springy and well done is very firm. Rest the meat for a few minutes before serving.

If making a stir fry, cook the meat quickly and then allow to rest while making the rest of the stirfry. Add the meat back in at the last moment before serving.

Ensure the product is cooked thoroughly before serving. As all appliances may vary, these are guidelines only.