Haggis! Rich, savoury and best-served steamin’! Do you set about a plate-o-haggis like Rabbie Burns himself? Or does it literally turn yer stomach? Love it or hate it. Haggis is here to stay! With trade exports soaring 136% in the last decade, it’s clear to see there’s nothing offal about our beloved Scottish national dish. But, aside from the annual Burns Night indulgence, how much do we Scots actually eat it?

The Offal Numbers

A study by the Caledonian Offal and By-products Board (COBB) has shown that the average Scotsman eats a whopping 14.7 kg of haggis per annum, with regional variations ranging from Dumfrieshire (19.4 kg) to Orkney (a pathetic 7.7 kg) with a definite peak in the summer months, where barbecued haggis is enjoyed by the hardier outdoor types.

Peak Season Ignored

For this study, The so-called “Burns Night anomaly” was ignored because the Board felt that an influx of non-Scots caused a serious distortion in figures. Hogmanay was similarly discounted!

Interviewee Controversy 

On the other hand, Scots women averaged only about 40% of the consumption of their male counterparts, except in the Highland Region.  But researchers (randomly, a Latvian market research company), have subsequently admitted that they were unaware of the Highland preference for the kilt! Meaning they may have unwittingly recorded incorrect gender for some male interviewees!

What about you? Are you an avid haggis-scoffer? Or maybe you eat more haggis than the average Scotsman or wummin’? We want to know!

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