Our deliciously tasty veggie white pudding has to be one of the best ways to celebrate World Vegetarian Day!  So, we’re paying homage to our meat-free community by introducing another ‘wowie’ product to our expanding meat-free range!

A Veggie Versatile Ingredient! 

Enjoy a hearty mix of oatmeal, onion, and delicate seasoning making our all-new veggie white pudding a remarkably versatile ingredient.   Ideal in endless vegetarian dishes!

Why not cook it whole, boil it, slice it, fry it, or grill it!  Our new pud on the block is a real ve-gain for our conscious customers.  And, it really is the perfect accompaniment with our veggie breakfast pack too!   Stick it in a festive stuffing, a pasta dish, your very own fried batter mix.  Our easy cook veggie good puds will keep you creating meat-free mealtime memories forever, and we hope you share those with us too!

Visit our full veggie-vegan approved range for more delicious meal ideas with the same great Simon Howie taste!  And, look out for our new perfectly packaged puds in a Tesco store near you.