Pay attention!  Because this may be the least ‘offal’ news you will hear all year!  Haggis Bon Bons are back!  Our terrifically traditional and utterly irresistible mini Haggis bites are back because our customers demanded them.  And, we’re thrilled to reintroduce them with even better availability than ever before.

A Tasty Treat For All Occassions!

Indulge in our new spin on an old Scottish favourite and enjoy a snack suitable for all occasions!  Our Haggis Bon Bons are the ideal party food, perfect for weekend catch-ups with friends, an easy starter, St. Andrews Day celebrations and, of course, Christmas, right through until Burns.  We encourage you to hog them, snack on them, tear them, share them, but above all things, dip them in whatever you fancy!

The UK’s Best-Selling Haggis!

Our unique Haggis blend is made from our own traditional recipe by our team of award-winning chefs and butchers.   At Simon Howie, we pride ourselves on the highest quality of our products.  And, we are delighted our customers agree, as our original 454g Haggis is the UK’s Best Selling Haggis and has been for ages!

Haggis Bon Bons are hugely versatile and can be enjoyed with your favourite dipping sauce.  Whiskey cream anyone?  And, with so many ways to enjoy our moreish miniature bites, we want to know,  how do YOU eat yours?

Shake your bonbons all the way into your shopping baskets from September (available in Scottish Tesco stores NOW!) all the way through to April 2022.  Our Haggis Bites will be more widely available in other retailers during the peak festive period but, why wait?