While Christmas is universally known as the most wonderful time of the year, we can agree it’s also the most stressful! This is especially true if you’re bravely cooking the main spread for 6-12 guests! But, FAIL NOT! We’re arming you with 7 Christmas Dinner Prep Hacks that will help you WIN at Christmas!

Veggie Eve 

Nobody in the history of Christmas has ever enjoyed peeling and prepping veg on the jolliest day of the year! So, prep your veg the night before covering/refrigerating in cold water. Then, you’ll be well on your way to having more time to fret about something else!

Know the Score Sprouts 

If you plan on giving your sprouts a good old boil on Christmas Day, try NOT scoring the bottoms! Scoring only works to waterlog them and remove the taste. Instead, give them a roast! Roast all of your vegetables! Brussels have natural sugars which caramelise deliciously when roasted! Try it and love it. 

Get Slowly Cooked with Mulled Wine 

Mulled wine can cover a multitude of cooking ERRORS. It’s the perfect distraction if you’re running late or having a complete flap sesh in the kitchen! Prep mulled wine in a slow cooker overnight! Add cinnamon sticks, a few star anise, cloves, a sliced orange and lemon, brown sugar or honey. Voila! Get your guests toasty. You’ll thank us for it.

It’s All Gravy

Christmas is not Christmas without a delicious gravy recipe! And, when you follow ours, you’ll be able to make your gravy in advance to save precious time on the big day. Use chicken wings bones to include those all-important juicy and rich flavours! Top Tip: Add and mash a roast potato to your gravy mix for a thick, and meaty texture. Gravy game-changer!

Truss & Execute Your Turkey Plan 

On Feast Mass Eve prep your Turkey in a foil tray, and get it as ready as can be! Go through all your timings too. Clean it, truss it, rub it with butter and seasoning. That’s one juicy bird ready for roasting with time saved! Here’s more on how to get an extra-juicy turkey this year!  

Christmas-Ready Roasties 

A good tip for a perfectly timed roastie is to pre-cook them the night before! Shhhh. Nobody will ever know! ALWAYS cook in your roasties in goose or duck fat to get that ideal outer layer tater crust. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a good roastie after all! This method keeps them fluffy in the middle too. Reheat on the sly the next day! 

The Stuffing of Genius

If you haven’t guessed it already, prep, prep and more PREP! Go as far as to prepare your stuffing balls in advance. Rustle up your favourite mix and store them in ziplock bags to keep them secure and frostbite free. Freeze them, thaw them, and warm to serve! 

Best of luck! And don’t panic. Remember to wash dishes as you go! Prepare as much as possible on Christmas Eve and remember, the most important part of Christmas is family, love, and happiness.


Happy Christmas prepping!