Rib-roast beef is one of the best things about Christmas dinner! And the very best part of any beef roast is the beautifully formed crust that starts to develop when seasoning, fat and heat collide. That is if you know how! Here are 5 top tips for the Perfect Rib Roast Crust on Christmas Day!

Pan Wisely

First things first – choose your cooking utensils and pan wisely! For the best beef crust, opt for a shallow roasting pan approx 2/3 inches high with an integrated rack. The rack keeps the meat above any subsequent cooking juices and allows heat to circulate the beef joint.

Ditch the Baste

Basting works wonders when trying to achieve a deliciously moist piece of meat. But when it comes to achieving an outer crust, you should have in mind that basting fats will make it more difficult to achieve crispiness.  If you opt for a no or low-fat basting mix or skip basting all together, you’ll be even more successful at achieving a crispier outer beef layer than ever before!

Bring The Heat

The ‘Joy of Cooking’ suggests cooking your beef joint on a scorching high heat of 550 degrees as opposed to a low heat roast.  The longer you leave a roast in the oven, the crustier the meat will be. That being said, It will in turn have a more well-done finish.  So, If you prefer a rarer slice, you may need to forgo the crust and balance up choosing between the two. Start high and finish roasting on low heat is a must for a crust.

Uncover For Maximum Crust

To get that killer Christmas Day beef crust, you’ll want to cook your beef uncovered.  Covered meat will not develop as crisp a crust when roasted.  It’s therefore, a good idea to do all you can in removing as much fat as possible.  The less fat on the surface of the beef, the crustier the finish!

The Secret Seasoning Weapon

Part of getting a beef crust is down to the right seasoning! All you really need to bring a flavourful beef joint to life is a simple mix of kosher salt and fresh black pepper mix. But being Christmas! Throw in rosemary, thyme and garlic too.  Above all things use this secret crust forming weapon!  Cornstarch!  Mixing cornstarch with the rest of your seasonings will create a powerful layer of adhesion.  This layer helps pull moisture away from the surface of the roast.  Say it with us!  Less moisture brings more crust!

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